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Quality Policy Statement

Regina’s Cleaning Services is an NT owned & operated cleaning company involved in all aspects of cleaning for Commonwealth, State, Commercial and private individual clients.


The Management of Regina’s Cleaning Services is committed to cleaning services of the highest professional quality at all projects for the benefit of our clients.  This is achieved through our established and effective quality assurance procedures and practices which are tailored as necessary to the expectations of individual clients.


Quality is provided through the development and maintenance of our quality assurance system which is based on the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002.  The extent and detail applied to individual projects will be either as agreed with individual clients or as determined by our Directors.


The Quality System is supported by the high level of commitment to quality in work for our clients by management, staff, subcontractors and suppliers. Many of our subcontractors & suppliers also have established quality systems.


This statement is issued to reflect our commitment to quality in all facets of Regina’s Cleaning Services’ operations.